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Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProCurve 3500yl-24G-PoE+ Switch (J9310A#ABB)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProCurve 3500yl-24G-PoE+ Switch (J9310A#ABB)

Tuotekoodi: J9310A#ABB
The 3500 series includes 24-port and 48-port stackables
Tuote: Managed
Portit: 24
Nopeus: 1Gbps
3 389,00
(2 733,06 Hinta ALV 0%)
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Compliance industry standards

Electromagnetic compatibilityFCC Class A; VCCI Class A; EN 55022/CISPR 22 Class A
Immunity standardEN 55024, CISPR 24; IEC 61000-4-2; 4 kV CD, 8 kV AD; IEC 61000-4-3; 3 V/m; IEC 61000-4-4; 1.0 kV (power line), 0.5 kV (signal line); IEC 61000-4-5; 1 kV/2 kV AC; IEC 61000-4-6; 3 V; IEC 61000-4-8; 1 A/m, 50 or 60 Hz; IEC 61000-4-11; >95% reduction, 0.5 period; 30% reduction, 25 periods; EN 61000-3-2, IEC 61000-3-2; EN 61000-3-3, IEC 61000-3-3
SafetyCSA 22.2 No. 60950; UL 60950; IEC 60950; EN 60950

Acoustic pressure emissions (standby)

Acoustic pressure emissionsPower: 57.0 dB, Pressure: 40.5 dB, ISO 7779, ISO 9296
Operating altitudeup to 4.6 km
Operating humidity range15 to 95% @ 104°F (40°C) (noncondensing)
Storage humidity15 to 90% @ 149°F (65°C) (noncondensing)
Operating temperature range0 to 55°C
Operating temperature range32 to 131°F
Storage temperature range-40 to 70°C

Adapter connectivity

Heat dissipation865 BTU/hr (912.9 kJ/hr)
Routing table size10000 entries
Switch fabric speed105.6 Gbps
Routing/switching capacity101.8 Gbps
Address table size64000 entries
Management featuresIMC - Intelligent Management Center; Command-line interface; Web browser; Configuration menu; Out-of-band management (serial RS-232c)
BGPRFC 1997 BGP Communities Attribute; RFC 2918 Route Refresh Capability; RFC 4271 A Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4); RFC 4456 BGP Route Reflection: An Alternative to Full Mesh Internal BGP (IBGP); RFC 5492 Capabilities Advertisement with BGP-4
Device managementRFC 1591 DNS (client); HTML and telnet management
General protocolsIEEE 802.1ad Q-in-Q; IEEE 802.1AX-2008 Link Aggregation; IEEE 802.1D MAC Bridges; IEEE 802.1p Priority; IEEE 802.1Q VLANs; IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Trees; IEEE 802.1v VLAN classification by Protocol and Port; IEEE 802.1w Rapid Reconfiguration of Spanning Tree; IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP); IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet; IEEE 802.3x Flow Control; RFC 768 UDP; RFC 783 TFTP Protocol (revision 2); RFC 792 ICMP; RFC 793 TCP; RFC 826 ARP; RFC 854 TELNET; RFC 868 Time Protocol; RFC 951 BOOTP; RFC 1058 RIPv1; RFC 1350 TFTP Protocol (revision 2); RFC 1519 CIDR; RFC 1542 BOOTP Extensions; RFC 2030 Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) v4; RFC 2131 DHCP; RFC 2453 RIPv2; RFC 2548 (MS-RAS-Vendor only); RFC 3046 DHCP Relay Agent Information Option; RFC 3576 Ext to RADIUS (CoA only); RFC 3768 VRRP; RFC 4675 RADIUS VLAN & Priority; UDLD (Uni-directional Link Detection)
IP MulticastRFC 3376 IGMPv3 (host joins only); RFC 3973 PIM Dense Mode; RFC 4601 PIM Sparse Mode
IPv6RFC 1981 IPv6 Path MTU Discovery; RFC 2375 IPv6 Multicast Address Assignments; RFC 2460 IPv6 Specification; RFC 2464 Transmission of IPv6 over Ethernet Networks; RFC 2710 Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) for IPv6; RFC 2925 Definitions of Managed Objects for Remote Ping, Traceroute, and Lookup Operations (Ping only); RFC 3019 MLDv1 MIB; RFC 3315 DHCPv6 (client and relay); RFC 3484 Default Address Selection for IPv6 ; RFC 3587 IPv6 Global Unicast Address Format; RFC 3596 DNS Extension for IPv6; RFC 3810 MLDv2 for IPv6; RFC 4022 MIB for TCP; RFC 4087 IP Tunnel MIB; RFC 4113 MIB for UDP; RFC 4213 Basic Transition Mechanisms for IPv6 Hosts and Routers ; RFC 4251 SSHv6 Architecture; RFC 4252 SSHv6 Authentication; RFC 4253 SSHv6 Transport Layer; RFC 4254 SSHv6 Connection; RFC 4291 IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture ; RFC 4293 MIB for IP; RFC 4294 IPv6 Node Requirements; RFC 4419 Key Exchange for SSH; RFC 4443 ICMPv6; RFC 4541 IGMP & MLD Snooping Switch; RFC 4861 IPv6 Neighbor Discovery; RFC 4862 IPv6 Stateless Address Auto-configuration; RFC 5095 Deprecation of Type 0 Routing Headers in IPv6 ; RFC 5340 OSPFv3 for IPv6; RFC 5453 Reserved IPv6 Interface Identifiers; RFC 5519 Multicast Group Membership Discovery MIB (MLDv2 only) ; RFC 5722 Handling of Overlapping IPv6 Fragments
MIBsIEEE 802.1ap (MSTP and STP MIB's only); RFC 1213 MIB II; RFC 1493 Bridge MIB; RFC 1724 RIPv2 MIB; RFC 1850 OSPFv2 MIB; RFC 2021 RMONv2 MIB; RFC 2096 IP Forwarding Table MIB; RFC 2613 SMON MIB; RFC 2618 RADIUS Client MIB; RFC 2620 RADIUS Accounting MIB; RFC 2665 Ethernet-Like-MIB; RFC 2668 802.3 MAU MIB; RFC 2674 802.1p and IEEE 802.1Q Bridge MIB; RFC 2737 Entity MIB (Version 2); RFC 2787 VRRP MIB; RFC 2863 The Interfaces Group MIB; RFC 2925 Ping MIB; RFC 2933 IGMP MIB
Network managementIEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP); RFC 2819 Four groups of RMON: 1 (statistics), 2 (history), 3 (alarm) and 9 (events); RFC 3176 sFlow; ANSI/TIA-1057 LLDP Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED); SNMPv1/v2c/v3; XRMON
OSPFRFC 2328 OSPFv2; RFC 3101 OSPF NSSA; RFC 5340 OSPFv3 for IPv6
QoS/CosRFC 2474 DiffServ Precedence, including 8 queues/port; RFC 2597 DiffServ Assured Forwarding (AF); RFC 2598 DiffServ Expedited Forwarding (EF)
Security featuresIEEE 802.1X Port Based Network Access Control; RFC 1492 TACACS+; RFC 2865 RADIUS (client only); RFC 2866 RADIUS Accounting; RFC 3579 RADIUS Support For Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP); Secure Sockets Layer (SSL); SSHv2 Secure Shell
Latency1000 Mb Latency: < 3.4 µs; 10 Gb/s Latency: < 2.1 µs
Throughputup to 75.7 Mpps
Ports20 autosensing 10/100/1000 ports; 4 dual-personality ports; 1 open module slot; Supports a maximum of 4 10GbE ports, with optional module

Product dimensions (with optional paper finisher, metric)

Minimum dimensions (W x D x H)44.3 x 39.2 x 4.4 cm
Minimum dimensions (W x D x H)17.44 x 15.43 x 1.73 in

Case weight (case or master carton)

Weight6.29 kg

What's in the box

What's in the box(1) HP 3500-24G-PoE+ yl Switch

Warranty options

WarrantyLimited Lifetime warranty: Advance hardware replacement with next-business-day delivery (available in most countries). See www.hp.com/networking/warrantysummary for duration details.

Processor socket

Memory and processor10G module : ARM9 @ 200 MHz, packet buffer size: 36 Mb QDR SDRAM; Management module : Stackable memory and processor: Freescale PowerPC 8540 @ 666 MHz, 4 MB flash, 128 MB compact flash, 256 MB DDR SDRAM

Battery type

PowerThe switch automatically adjusts to any voltage between 100-127 and 200-240 V with either 50 or 60 Hz.
Power consumption616 W (maximum)
Input frequency50/60 Hz
Input operating current6.6/3.0 A
Input voltage100 - 127/200-240 VAC

Circuit breaker rating

PoE capability398 W PoE+
MountingMounts in an EIA-standard 19 in. telco rack or equipment cabinet (hardware included); horizontal surface mounting only

Form factor

Form factor1U height

Samankaltaisia tuotteita

3 766,00
42,74  Hinta ALV 0%
3 037,10  Hinta ALV 0%
342,74  Hinta ALV 0%

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